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We studied “Miracle students.” They have lower grades, test scores, no outwardly special hooks, and still get into their dream colleges over peers with better academic qualifications. While classmates describe them as “only average,” one admissions officer described their applications as "too good of a fit to turn away."

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The Perfect Bridge Between Generations

"The original business plan I wrote for College Zoom over a decade ago predicted that we'd be fully staffed with former admissions officers by now. That was before I understood that admissions office pedigree doesn't equate to persuasive writing or teaching ability. To this day, a former admissions officer has never passed our first round interview.
College admissions isn't a random lottery, it's a poker game. You can beat players with equal or better cards than you if you have a decent enough hand and play it right. That is why we help students ethically change the cards in their hands. Admissions offices don't teach that.

Hiring counselors who think like successful players, rather than the game's referees, is why I believe we succeed in teaching our students the skills they need to uphold our industry-leading success rate (without ever forcing them to choose easier "top choice" colleges). Truly, your success is our success, and vice versa."

— David Reynaldo, Founder


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David Reynaldo, USC, Business, Member of NACAC and WACAC, Origin: Beverly Hills High School, CA       College Zoom is Los Angele's #1 ranked college counseling service (Yelp). We're experts in elite college admissions throughout the U.S. and our success rate is the best nationwide. Smarter decisions, smarter outcomes.™  More.

Essay Counselor

Jackson Burgess, USC, Creative Writing, Iowa Writer's Wksp. MFA,
Origin: Capital High School, WA

Application Counselor

Lynn Tu, USC, Business Cinematic Arts, Marshall School of Business,
Origin: Westmont High School, CA

Essay Counselor

Michael Jedrzejewski, USC, Film Studies, Pepperdine, M.A.,
Origin: The Buckley School, CA
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To ensure the highest levels of internal quality control, we're all W2 employees of College Zoom — we never outsource any part of your counseling to contractors.


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