Our Initial Consult Begins with Your Measurements

“Other firms seemed to be focused primarily on writing the perfect essay. It was like jumping in on a 10-step process at step 9. In the case of my talented but painfully introverted son (who started his Junior year without much of a resume), he needed to start at "1" and work his way up...Once he had this foundation, his college activity and essay content fell-out naturally and the College Zoom folks helped him polish them to perfection. What was the outcome? He got into one of his top choice (top 20) schools, which admittedly was a huge stretch for him.”


S.C., son enrolled at USC, Class of 2026
Excerpt from Google Review

The Initial Consultation

Holistic Counseling for Holistic Admissions

Admissions is More Than an Essay Competition.

Don't solely rely on writing good college essays if your candidacy has shortcomings that essays can't fix. The most successful students polish themselves with real-life actions, deep into senior year, to exert the greatest control over their outcomes.

Part 1. Discover What it Takes.

Before we meet, you'll watch a 45 minute tutorial. Learn how admissions officers will rate you on evaluation rubrics, the common denominators of students who stand out, and our strategy for college applications that contributes to our industry leading success rate. Now, we're ready to speak tactician-to-tactician.

Part 2. Discover Where You Stand.

 In the 45 minute live meeting, you'll be scored on an admissions evaluation rubric for a baseline strengths/weaknesses analysis. Then, we'll discuss whether our hourly or package offerings (click for pricing) are viable solutions for bridging the gap between your trajectory and goals.

Change Your Odds, Don't Accept Them.

Initial consult fee: $500 per student (+$100 for engineering, computer science, or other majors requiring a portfolio as 1 hour is needed) | Twin discount: $250 | 9th graders before spring term: $850 (we do a different meeting, pulling in parts from the college planning package, so $250 of this fee can be credited towards a college planning package purchase.

If you have a middle schooler, click here.


To schedule a time to connect, please email me at David@collegezoom.com and share your grade level.

— David Reynaldo, Founder


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