Use This Page to Define Your Quest.

Step 1: Imagine the quests below combined with your Just Causes

Read through these quest types several times. Each time you read, read slowly and only keep one of your top Just causes in mind. For example, I would imagine “Public vs. Private School Disparity” and start reading through the list. Then, I’d read it through again but with “Police Officer Involved Shooting” in mind. Each quest is worded to sound more epic and speak to people’s primitive natures and emotions. As Simon Sinek says, “A good enough cause will get people to sacrifice.” Write your best favorite Quest/Just Cause Combinations into your homework box in your Google Doc.

  1. [Eliminate Quest] Liberate people from an oppressive, traumatic, harmful, or corruptive force
  2. [Escort Quest] Give people an unprecedented level of access or mobility
  3. [Explore Quest] Champion a new frontier in the discovery of new knowledge, power, capability
  4. [Fetch Quest] Help people hunt down a mythical and elusive resource or prize
  5. [Train Quest] Make people more powerful by teaching them a secret knowledge or skill
  6. [Mystery Quest] Extract power from a hidden secret
  7. [Magic Quest] Formulate a miracle potion, formula, or technique to gain power
  8. [Revolution Quest] Change the balance of power
  9. [Reputation Quest] Restore a tarnished name or image
  10. [Reclaim Quest] Take back what’s ours
  11. [Empire Quest] Raise monuments and symbolic icons to promote ideals
  12. [Espionage Quest] Steal forbidden knowledge or technology from another tribe
  13. [Recruitment Quest] Grow our tribe’s numbers to strengthen our collective pursuit of “X” dream 
  14. [Supply Quest] Equip the tribe with the tools needed to seize power
  15. [Oath Quest] Secure a promise or commitment of game-changing caliber
  16. [Rally Quest] Unite our tribe members in opposition against a threat to our very existence
  17. [Alliance Quest] Unite different tribes to send a message to the world
  18. [Honor Quest] Reward, repay, or idolize people who have sacrificed on our behalf
  19. [Justice Quest] Expose and hold accountable people who are cheating the system
  20. [Fairness Quest] Restore fairness to a situation that is currently unfair

Step 2: Identify your preferred scope of impact.

Note: There is no right or wrong answer because the quality of your impact is superior to a high quantity. Choose the one that feels most natural and right for you. Ultimately, College Zoom will help you scale up regardless of the level you choose to start with.

“I personally feel most inspired to have an impact at the level of…”

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Organization
  • Community
  • Society
  • Nation
  • Multiple nations
  • World

Step 3: If you are a Computer Science and Engineering student, imagine how technology can boost your Quest/Just Cause combos.

Since [name of major] is a possible major for me, I would like to speak with you on the subject of your college experience.
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