"For months, I'd been using another college counselor who I felt was very effective. I decided to try College Zoom out for a second opinion only after seeing their presentation at my high school. There was no comparison. In our first meeting, what I learned blew my mind and how much more we got done was phenomenal. That's why I switched."

— Jon Assia, UCLA, Class of 2015
Beverly Hills High School

Option 1: Hourly Help

The Difference Between Good vs. Great Outcomes
is the Intelligence Behind Your Decisions

College Essays
College Planning
College Matching
Major Selection
Financial Aid Planning
Fewer Meetings, Greater Gains
Learning a Strategy Without Tactics is the
Slowest Path to Victory. So, We Teach Both.

“I did more in 2 hours with College Zoom than I did in 40 meetings with a college counselor I paid $8,000. I wish I had found you sooner.”

— Jessica G., USC Appellant
Beverly Hills High School

Our rate: $285/hour

+$250 One-Time Fee for College Evaluation Sheet Intro*
*A Pre-Meeting Assignment That Applies if a First-Time Student Needs to Be Scored on a College Evaluation Sheet for a Baseline Strengths/Weaknesses Analysis.

Option 2: Packages

Change Your Odds of Acceptance, Don't Simply Accept Them.

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“Both Warren and I still can’t believe it. He is going to UC Berkeley, his dream school, while students at his high school who had better grades/test scores, including those who even attended UC Berkeley’s summer college with him and had higher grades/test scores, got declined or wait-listed.”

— Yena Zhan, Son attended UC Berkeley, Class of 2017
17% acceptance rate