Gaurav K, Parent, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Virginia), said:

“Google showed plenty of advisors, who burnished their resume as Ivy admissions officers in the past, offering packages worth $25,000 or $40,000 for admission counseling. We interviewed 5 to 6 Ivy League counselors. They all sounded similar, pre-packaged and canned. It never clicked. Part of it was the high brow attitude, part of it was lack of depth in guidance, part of it was pushing packages. Then we hit upon College Zoom. It was a West Coast outfit and to be honest I was reluctant if they would be able to assist us with our East Coast college list. However, when we spoke with David, I was simply blown away.”


Daughter attends Cornell University's College of Engineering, B.S. Computer Science, Class of 2025
The Best Ranked Computer Science Program in the Ivy League

Option 1: Hourly Help

Knowing what admissions officers say vs. what they actually mean changes everything.

College Essays
College Planning
College Matching
Major Selection
Financial Aid Planning
Our rate: $350/hour

However, the fee for an initial consultation is $600 per student

Initial consult twin discount: $250

Pricing Exception: 9th graders before spring term: $850 (we do a different meeting, pulling in parts from the college planning package, so $250 of this fee can be credited towards a college planning package purchase).

Option 2: Packages

Change Your Odds of Acceptance, Don't Accept Them.

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“Both Warren and I still can’t believe it. He is going to UC Berkeley, his dream school, while students at his high school who had better grades, including those who even attended UC Berkeley’s summer college with him and had higher grades, got declined or wait-listed.”

— Yena Zhan, Son attended UC Berkeley