"For months, I'd been using another college counselor who I felt was very effective. I decided to try College Zoom out for a second opinion only after seeing their presentation at my high school. There was no comparison. In our first meeting, what I learned blew my mind and how much more we got done was phenomenal. That's why I switched."

— Jon Assia, UCLA, Class of 2015
Beverly Hills High School

Option 1: Hourly Help

The Difference Between Good vs. Great Outcomes
is the Intelligence Behind Your Decisions

College Essays
College Planning
College Matching
Major Selection
Financial Aid Planning
Learning a Strategy Without Actionable Tactics
is the Slowest Path to Victory. That's Why We Teach Both.

“I did more in 2 hours with College Zoom than I did in 40 meetings with a college counselor I paid $8,000. I wish I had found you sooner.”

— Jessica G., USC Appellant
Beverly Hills High School

Our rate: $285/hour

+$250 One-Time Fee for College Evaluation Sheet Intro*
*May Apply if a First-Time Student Needs to Be Scored on a College Evaluation Sheet for a Baseline Strengths/Weaknesses Analysis For the Type of Counseling Sought.

Fewer Meetings, Greater Gains

Option 2: Packages

Change Your Odds of Acceptance, Don't Simply Accept Them.

Explore Plans and Prices:
“Both Warren and I still can’t believe it. He is going to UC Berkeley, his dream school, while students at his high school who had better grades/test scores, including those who even attended UC Berkeley’s summer college with him and had higher grades/test scores, got declined or wait-listed.”

— Yena Zhan, Son attended UC Berkeley, Class of 2017
17% acceptance rate