Hi Ms. _____,

Over the past _________ at home due to quarantine, I’ve been struggling with, and have been trying to self-improve with my productivity and time management with my work habits and school work. In light of your emails to our classes, I would like to thank you for all of the advice you have already provided us with, and I will be sure to use the tips you have already given us.

[Give her a compliment and explain that you look up to her as a role model]. [Explain that it is hard for you to send this email because it’s hard for you to reach out to help, but you’d like to know if you’d be able to arrange a phone, FaceTime audio, or Zoom call with her to discuss time management strategies, habits, and mindset]. I’ve been good at turning in the work itself, but worse at giving myself extra time and less stress when actually completing it. Over the rest of our quarantine, I’m hoping to make progress with my habits for our time at home and once we come back to school, hopefully with any advice you may be able to offer me. [But, you feel a conversation would be best because you’ve tried reading advice online, but speaking to someone you look up to will make you feel more accountable to follow through].

You have been very encouraging to our class in the past, especially with recommending us to apply for the IB program and AP Capstone, which I applied to both. I would love to get into the IB program, but I am worried that the rigor and challenges that come with them will be very difficult for me to handle. Additionally, I would love to apply the tips and advice you may have for me in all aspects of my life, not just school and academic aspects. You have graciously shared many stories with our class with your experiences as a student in high school, and in general, I would love to learn more about your experiences from when you were a student and hear your insights.



Update: the student who sent this email to her teacher said the teacher replied the next day. “I received a response! She said she’d be free for a Zoom call today or tomorrow, but I unfortunately read her email a bit later so it’ll most likely take place tomorrow.”

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