Use This Page to Define Your Impact.

Step 1: Start with a specific type of impact that really appeals to you.

Pick your top 3 preferences below and write them down in order of descending preference (i.e. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice). Note: if you’re having a hard time picking, just focus on the bold part to determine what type of person (or problem) you’d feel the most passionate when helping. Each one is an example of a future state so appealing that people are willing to make sacrifices in order to help advance toward that vision.

  1. I want to help people who learn by social observation by role-modeling ideal behavior for them.
  2. I want to influence people who are dismissive by promoting compelling reasons why a new choice is superior to an old choice.
  3. I want to influence people who don’t want to fall behind by designing some enhancement that increases the quality, speed, or accessibility of their success.
  4. I want to influence people who are unorganized by pacesetting milestones and benchmarks for them.
  5. I want to influence people who desire certainty in some outcome by creating a methodology for helping to secure a more guaranteed result.
  6. I want to influence people who need a solid foundation (prior to doing something) by teaching core knowledge to them.
  7. I want to influence people who are too stuck in a routine by identifying data points that reveal the benefits of change.
  8. I want to influence people with ambitious goals by finding and extracting the systemic blocks that inhibit their progress forward.
  9. I want to influence people unwilling to compromise by mediating and proposing a better way forward.
  10. I want to influence people who need teamwork to win by increasing the team’s morale, camaraderie, and support for one another.
  11. I want to influence people who lack the skills or ability to navigate a journey alone by being their guide throughout each step.
  12. I want to influence people who are too afraid to speak up by helping them to find their voice as well as rallying others to support them.

Step 2: Identify your preferred scope of impact.

Note: There is no right or wrong answer because the quality of your impact is superior to a high quantity. Choose the one that feels most natural and right for you. Ultimately, College Zoom will help you scale up regardless of the level you choose to start with.

“I personally feel most inspired to have an impact at the level of…”

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Organization
  • Community
  • Society
  • Nation
  • Multiple nations
  • World

Step 3: Identify the outlet where you’d like to (1) enact your passion project on the (2) level of scope you identified.

If you’re split in your decision and cannot settle on one, don’t worry. List your top 2 or 3 choices and we’ll explore multiple opportunities in the next steps.

  1. Engineering
  2. Computer programming and technology
  3. Architecture and building
  4. Arts, culture and entertainment
  5. Business, management and administration
  6. Sales and advertising
  7. Communications and networks
  8. Community and social services
  9. Education
  10. Science and research
  11. Installation, repair and maintenance
  12. Agriculture, food supply network, and natural resources
  13. Government and foreign policy
  14. Law and public policy
  15. Health, well-being and medicine
Since [name of major] is a possible major for me, I would like to speak with you on the subject of your college experience.
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